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Newton Teachers Association Endorses Bridget Ray-Canada

The Newton Teachers Association has endorsed Bridget Ray-Canada for the Ward 1 seat on the School Committee.

Bridget Ray-Canada …sees Newton’s educators as a key source of the schools’ excellence. She makes clear that outsourcing is not an effective strategy for financial savings and, even if it were, imposes high “social costs” in terms of “harm to employees, community, schools, and students.” She knows the district must find ways to close the budget gap, but recognizes that “Newton should continue to offer comprehensive health benefits to its employees.” She will make it a priority to work collaboratively with the Newton Teachers Association in negotiations so that the Newton Public Schools can “continue to recruit and retain the best educators” while “being sure the city can sustain the costs long-term.”

BREAKING NEWS: Mayor Setti Warren Endorses Bridget Ray-Canada for School Committee

In endorsing Bridget Ray-Canada in her race for School Committee from Ward 1, Newton Mayor Setti Warren said the following:

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Bridget Ray-Canada for School Committee from Ward 1. Her global business leadership experience combined with her courage to stand for Newton’s values make Bridget an exceptionally qualified candidate for School Committee in these difficult political times.

Ted Hess-Mahan endorses Bridget for School Committee

Ted Hess-Mahan, Councilor, Ward 3 At-Large, has endorsed Bridget for School Committee, writing in the Newton TAB:

Bridget is a Newton North parent who is likewise passionate about helping all students succeed, regardless of background or economic status. She brings three degrees in physics, engineering and an MBA plus experience with community organizations like INROADS and GBIO dedicated to inclusivity and providing training opportunities that help young people acquire needed skills. Bridget’s dedication, business leadership and fresh perspective make her an indispensable leader and role model.

Rev. Howard Haywood endorses Bridget Ray-Canada for School Committee

Rev. Howard Haywood has endorsed Bridget for School Committee, writing in the Newton TAB:

I am excited to endorse the election of Bridget Ray-Canada as a member of the Newton School Committee representing Ward 1. Bridget has been a constant and consistent advocate for a first class public education system throughout her life. Her educational, professional and personal experiences make her an ideal candidate to be your choice to continue the excellence of the NPS as it faces the challenge of maintaining excellent educational opportunities for all children.
In addition, her management and business knowledge align perfectly with the major issues facing the school system: increasing student enrollment and rebuilding our old and out of date school buildings.
As a mother of a Newton student, she is acutely aware of issues related to diversity in the classroom, staff and administration. She will work diligently to promote a high level of respect in the entire school community.
As a lifelong resident of Newton and a graduate of a fantastic school system, I believe that Bridget Ray-Canada has the skills, wisdom and education that are consistent with the high level of public service we are accustomed to in our great city. So on Nov. 7, I urge you to join me in casting your vote for Bridget. She will represent you well and always have the academic and civic growth of our children as her number one priority.

Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s Podcast

I find this podcast by Malcolm Gladwell very inspiring.  I’d like to hear your comments.

Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment (Also on iTunes)

A landmark Supreme Court case. A civil rights revolution. Why has everyone forgotten what happened next? Brown v Board of Education might be the most well-known Supreme Court decision, a major victory in the fight for civil rights. But in Topeka, the city where the case began, the ruling has left a bittersweet legacy. 

Excited to Announce My Candidacy

My name is Bridget Ray-Canada and I’m excited to announce that I will be a candidate for School Committee from Ward 1. I am passionate about helping students be their best, regardless of background or economic status. With that in mind, I am committed to:

  • A school system that inspires students to love learning and leadership.
  • A school community that understands and embraces diversity, while providing a quality education to all students.
  • An excellent school system that encourages students to be self-sufficient, productive, compassionate, and responsible adults.

I would love to know your ideas and thoughts. Please feel free to email me and we can set up a time to talk.